Leogem Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Have to say was a great experience dealing with Leogem. Always informed with what was going on with the build of the property and the sales staff always on top of things with helping me understand the process and helping me change things I didn’t like or want and making sure it happened the way I wanted things.

You also went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and got what I was after and did it with a smile. When things went wrong as they do in a new build there was never a hint of a complaint and was sorted straight away and came back after to make sure it was fixed. Has been amazing dealing with leogem before during and after the build – Ashley


I began the process of looking for an apartment 3 years. I could not find what I was looking for until I saw Shearwater Estate. From the very beginning the Sales Agent was knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.

Leogem guided me through the step by step process that buying the penthouse entailed and were able to answer any of my questions day or night. The quality of the home for the astoundingly gracious price is something I have not yet come across in the property market. I am now incredibly happy and contented in my new beautiful, safe and aesthetically pleasing home. Thank you, Leogem – Kate

I recently bought a unit with my boyfriend in Shearwater. Not only was the service provided by the whole of the Leogem Sales Team fantastic, I am beyond happy and proud to call this place my home. For making a first time buyers experience a pleasure, we’ll continue to support your work and be sure to refer you on to friends. Thanks again, Leogem. – Jess

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Buying a house is an emotional decision because you are not only buying a house, you are deciding on where home will be for yourself and family. It’s been a journey for us and I will be the first to say we had a peaceful experience from the time of viewing the house to having it registered. Spiro as our first point of contact was helpful and made the experience seamless, he provided relevant feedback when required and was very accommodating to make this work for all parties involved.

He also assisted whenever we needed to access the house for curtains/ blinds measurements. Thank you Spiro. The house itself we are happy in, I caught myself looking at my kids playing in the house, and know this is God sent. It came with a lot of extras that just sweetened the deal for us. The location is great. The handover process was amazing, thanks to Maria, ensuring we understood everything about the house and picking up any issues that need to be addressed. My daughter is our lil celebrity I attached her pic outside the estate, her first visit to her new home. THANK YOU LEOGEM. – Mama Santi

The ‘buying a house’ experience was made easier and smoother by the support of Leogem staff throughout the various phases of the process. More important was their attentiveness to ensuring that the process is special for my sister and I. They were responsive to emails, addressed queries on time, and attended to concerns with the necessary sensitivity. – Thabo


I really would like to thank you for always assisting whenever I come to you with “problems”. You always take action without wasting time and the response is always almost immediate. Please keep it up. – Chris

As a professional in the construction industry, I conducted extensive research in purchasing my first property with a pedantic effort. I found Leogem’s Jacana development to offer the best investment on paper. After seeing the finished product, the superiority of workmanship and the sheer beauty of the development (and particularly my apartment) my belief was more than confirmed.

I honestly was blown away by the standard of workmanship and the professionalism of the Leogem team. My only struggle now is weighing up the option of receiving a high rental income versus my unexpected desire to live in my investment. The latter may suffice. – Michael Torres