Please read the Terms carefully and pay special attention to the clauses that are in bold, as they may limit our liability (responsibility) or involve some risk to you.

The campaign has been extended and runs from 00:00 on 24 November 2023 and ends at 23:59 on 03 December 2023 (Campaign Period).

To qualify for the incentive, you must:

2.1.1 be 18 years or older and be in good financial standing;

2.1.2 be eligible to purchase a property in the Republic of South Africa;

2.1.3 be buying a home from Leogem and sign and secure your offer to purchase without any suspensive conditions in the stipulated timeframe.


3.1 You must apply sign an offer to purchase for a home at the Lincoln Carlswald via our Sales channels or sales agents or through Penny Spannenberg (penny@leogemprop.com) during the incentive period.

3.1.1 It will be your responsibility to ensure that all supporting docs are provide for your bond application. Should your application be unsuccessful due to missing or misrepresented information, you will not be eligible for the incentive.

3.1.2: Your application will need to be secured in the stipulated timeframe subject to the agreement of sale (clause 6.2) signed with no extensions granted.

3.2 If your application is received by Leogem between the 24th – 03rd of December 2023 and your offer to purchase is successful you will be eligible to claim a R10 000 (ten thousand rand)Hirsch’s Voucher courtesy of Leogem Property Projects.


4.1 Should your application be recived in the specified timeframe and be succssful, the first 5 individuals with successful offers will be eligible to recieve a R10 000 Hirsch’s Voucher from Leogem

4.2 The Incentive is subject to a successful offer to purchase application. The prize is limited to the first 5 successful applicants. It is not Transferable or redeemable for cash or any other form of discounts.

4.3 The Voucher amount will be transferred via gift card. Upon successful application only and once the property purchased has been transferred into your name.

4.4 Entries will be captured at the time the application is received, should we have more than 5 applications they will be treated on a first come basis. Should we not be able to confirm your application in time, we will then select the next application to be eligible for the incentive.


5.1 We are the promoter of the campaign. Any reference to we/us/our includes our directors, sponsors, agents, or consultants, where the context allows for it.

5.2 You cannot participate in the promotion if:

5.2.1 you are a director, employee, agent, or consultant of Leogem Property Projects; or

5.2.2 you are an immediate family member of any of the persons specified in clause 5.2.1; or

5.2.3 you are a supplier of any goods or services to Leogem property Projects

5.3 These Terms are governed by the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and the Proptection of Personal Information Act of 2013

5.4 These Terms apply to the Campaign and all information relating to the Incentive programme (including any promotional or advertising material that is published).

5.5 By participating in this campaign, you are bound by these Terms and the terms pertaining to your home application.

5.6 We reserve the right to amend these Terms.

5.7 We must process your personal information to validate your entry and if you are a winner, to make the Prize available to you. By submitting your details to us for your home application you consent to us processing your personal information for this purpose. If you do not consent, please do not participate in this campaign.

5.8 You will be eligible for the prize incentive no later than 30 days after the validation process has been conducted.

5.9 Once the incentive has been confirmed it will be handed over to the applicants account within 30 days.

5.10 We may declare the incentive forfeited (lost), if:

5.10.1 an applicants bond application is not valid.

5.10.2 all suspensive conditions in terms of the agreement of sale need to be fulfilled in the specified timeframes.

5.10.3 an applicant has breached these Terms.

5.10.4 an applicant has failed to disclose truthfully.

5.11 If there is a dispute in respect of these Terms or the campaign, our decision is final and binding.

5.12 The Cash incentive may not be transferred from you to any other person and may not be exchanged by you for any other item.

5.13 We are not responsible if your application that is submitted under false pretences or a an applicant who does not successfully take up the offer for any reason, including a technological failure.

5.14 We are not responsible for any loss or damage which you or any third party may suffer as a result of you participating in the campaign.

5.15 If required by the Minister for Trade, Industry and Competition, the National Consumer Commission or for any other reason, we can end the Offer immediately with or without notice to you. If this happens, you waive (give up) any rights which you may have against us and you will have no claim against us.

5.16 Nothing in these Terms prevents you from approaching the National Consumer Commission or any other relevant authority to obtain relief.