Our approach to building is best embodied by our steadfast commitment to bringing our ground-breaking designs to life.

We look at each-and-every blueprint through an entirely different lens in the hope of building bespoke developments that exude best-in-breed craftsmanship, luxury and elegance. For us, it’s about transforming a piece of land with potential, into a masterpiece with purpose – using only industry-leading materials and products.


Each home that we build, we build as if its our own, with meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising approach to excellence in every aspect of the building process.

From inception to completion, it’s the seamless relationship between build and design that sets a Leogem home apart from any other, and it’s our hunger to innovate that gives each development its own signature appeal.

Each home that we build serves as an ambassador for our passion and as a proudly South African company we draw inspiration from our country’s beautiful natural surroundings – developing homes that grow and come to life with each passing day.