Seamless Living

Leogem Life app is a fully-integrated, one-of-a-kind lifestyle app available exclusively to Leogem homeowners. Not only does the app make everyday living more seamless, it also facilitates and supports you and your family in the pursuit of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. At the touch of a button, Leogem Life offers you a range of different utilities, from buying electricity, ordering food and booking a cleaning service. It’s everyday life, only easier.

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You’ll always find a warm welcome & a buzzy atmosphere.

Nido Café is a mellow little Mediterranean-style cafe, tucked away in selected Leogem Communities. Nido Cafe offers an array of dishes inspired by the many cultures and cuisines associated with the Mediterranean region as well as, South African favorites, can be found on their menus.

Raise your home’s IQ

Green Current is your home’s smart electricity partner, bringing you a cost-effective, end-to-end electricity service built upon efficiency and convenience. You can benefit from a full suite of electricity solutions designed to make your home’s energy work harder for you and your family.

Keeping it fresh

Clean Life enables you to book a top-quality home-cleaning service right from your device. All of our staff have been carefully vetted and are ready to leave your home looking fresh and clean every day of the week.